Stonecharmer short story

Last night I mentioned a short story in the Kickstarter campaign for my Stonecharmer trilogy.

Today, I finished the cover for the short story.

art © Natalia Siverina, Bblood, & Vanessa Gifford

This story is about a magesmith, someone licensed to work the Thyst into magical items, whose shop is invaded by three miners. Each man has a purpose for being there. Yet it will be the prophecy of a flash stone which binds them all together and may be the death of them all.

Yes, I’m becoming very excited for this trilogy and the short story to be published. I suspect that next week I’ll really be focusing down on getting lots of things done so that it’ll be ready.

I also started working on the cover for my story of Quanst the Mouse. It is in the Kickstarter campaign as a stretch goal. If you’re a fan of the Sacred Knight series, this name might be familiar to you. Quanst was the name of one of the councilmen from Plenelia, but more importantly, Quanst the Mouse was mentioned in Annae’s letter to the Council of Lords in the beginning of Manifest the Magic. I’ve been wanting to write the stories of the three legendary people mentioned in Annae’s letter (especially Quanst because I feel he’s a fascinating character) since I wrote that prologue.

Remember, this campaign is the only place that you can get signed hardbacks of the trilogy. I will be noting them as purchased during the Kickstarter and numbering them. If only 5 people order hardbacks, then I will only be ordering and numbering 5 sets. If all 25 get ordered, then there will be 25. But that’s it. I’m not ordering extra. After that, people will be able to order them from Amazon. If they show up at a convention like FanX with the book in hand for me to sign, I will of course oblige, but it will be completely different than those signed for the Kickstarter. I’ve even been toying with the idea of doing a little something to make the paperbacks purchased during the campaign special, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m sure I’ll put it up on the Kickstarter as soon as I decide.

Please support the campaign in any way that you can.

Go play.