Meet some characters from Stonecharmer

My Kickstarter campaign for the Stonecharmer trilogy is 65% funded and we have 10 days to go. Come on, people. We can do this.

If you don’t know anything about Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding site for creators to get their projects out by lots of people giving a little. I have personally backed several projects myself. I’ve supported a lot of ebooks. I love getting the links that tell me that my ebook reward is available. I highly urge you to go out and take a look around at it. Some people are doing amazing things out there. It’s not just books.

Granted, everyone is talking about books now thanks to Brandon Sanderson’s recent Kickstarter. It used to be that there were only 5-6 fiction books out there at a time. Now there’s a flood. I’m not surprised.

Because I wanted to put this on Kickstarter, that’s why I stayed hushed about this project. I had to keep my energy in writing and not get to focusing on what I was going to do with the trilogy. I’m glad I did, though it was so hard some nights when I was writing posts because I really wanted to shout, “I’m working on this super awesome trilogy called Stonecharmer. It’s about this girl who hears stones screaming. Yes, screaming stones. How cool is that?” along with “Yeah, today I was writing about her running away. She meets this kid about her age when he catches her and now he thinks that she’s his woman who fell from the sky and missed.”

That character is Goose. Yes, like the bird. Yes, that’s his real name. I enjoy Goose. He’s so much fun.

There’s another character whose name is Xode. It’s pronounced “Zode” with a long O and rhymes with road. Strangely enough, this character’s name came from the license plate of a truck I often saw as I traveled to and from work. I remember thinking one day that it would make a cool name. Xode. Then, as I was following behind the truck one day dictating along, I needed a name for a character who had suddenly arrived in my story. I figured it must be synchronicity that I would be thinking about how it would make a great name and there the truck was in front of me right when I needed a name. Yep. So, now you know that secret.

I’d love for you to support the Kickstarter in any way that you can, even if it is just sharing with your friends. You never know who is looking to discover a new series.