New audio

I finished the Fenrir story about the squirrel with the raygun today. It will be out to Patreon readers this Thursday.

After that, I spent remainder of the day painting. I know I spent at least three hours painting, but I didn’t get much finished — two ACEO’s and two bookmarks — but I did get three more ACEO’s to a good point to finish (they’d already been started, so this was just putting in ground), worked on a small painting, and worked on two magnets I’d started before. So yes, it was a bunch of continuing work.

I got word today that the audio for my short story, Give Up the Ghost, is published. It’s about a woman who sees ghosts, but when they devise a way to make her also be able to hear them, it’s more than games that they want to play. Also now available, in case I haven’t mentioned them, are Hot Yoga and Tree of Death.

Guess this means I probably need to update my sidebar. Ah, the work never ends. (grin)

Dream big.