My spoiled cat

I had lunch out with a friend today. Good meal. Wonderful conversation. Dang, I’ve missed her.

Apparently after I left, Temmy sat in the window for quite a while and meowed. Poor kitty. I guess she missed me. At least until she went and took a nap. I watched her play with a couple of her jangle balls in the tub today. She so cute. She prefers the sound one of them makes to the other. She will actively avoid hitting the one she doesn’t like for the one she does.

Just to prove the universe has a sense of humor, I had all the pets in my office this morning. Temmy played for a bit, but eventually settled down and started taking a nap in her catbox — just as I had to leave to meet my friend. Seriously? Of course, the day I have somewhere to be, she’s napping in her box. I have to wake her up to carry her out so I can close up my office so she doesn’t get in and break things. Oh well. We’ll try again tomorrow and see what happens.

My son and I also walked down to the library today and stopped in at the thrift store. I found a nifty stand which I think will hold books at my shows and it folds up neatly. Since we were walking, I’m picking it up tomorrow. I also picked up another bed for my cat. She is so spoiled! But this one folds and sips to become a tunnel.

Coville is currently enjoying using it unzipped as a blanket. He and his baby are sleeping on it. Maybe Temmy will sleep on it at nights and Coville can enjoy it during the days.

Until next time, enjoy your adventure into the world.