I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

We are in the final hours of the Kickstarter campaign for my Stonecharmer trilogy and it’s close to funding.

I spent the morning working on Siva’s story and filled in one of the chapters I had skipped earlier. Then I read a book (if you can call it that) that I’ve had on my shelf for years. I purchased it at a writers conference several years ago. Since it’s before indie publishing really got going, it’s a self-published copy of the book, 53 pages or so, printed double-sided on a printer, and put into a three-ring report cover. I purchased it for $15. I saw today that the book, now bound as a paperback, is available on Amazon for about $10. It probably cost Ken about $3 to print and put in the cover, plus some time. I am glad I paid him the $15. I supported a working writer during his lifetime. Plus, I really enjoyed his lectures at the writers’ conference.

The ideas in the book aren’t anything new. In fact, I’ve heard other professional writers say the same thing. It was cool to actually see people who I know referenced in the material. I had a hard time not messaging one of them on Facebook saying, “Guess who I saw quoted in the book I was reading today?” (grin) It was fun seeing the information presented from a little different angle. In fact, I used it to start a new Fenrir story today. Okay, right now it’s only an idea in my head, but I’ve already got a good grip of the beginning. I’ll let the rest of it pull me along.

I think I started reading it today because of how many people at Gem State Comic Con asked me that question of “Where do you get your ideas?” As I said in a prior post, it was almost like a teacher had sent them in with the assignment of getting the answer. I liked that he discussed some of the psychology behind asking this question. I don’t think I’ve ever asked this question to another writer. Perhaps another painter, because that stumps me, but never a writer. That might be one of the good things about writing from a young age. I never had an issue with coming up with ideas, at least not until I really started to allow myself to be prolific. Once I started writing and finishing at a good pace, like with my Fenrir stories, then I have to generate the next idea. I’ve been using other ways of story prompts, but I kind of like Ken’s idea. I’m going to try it for a couple of stories.

Anyway, I have a cat whose tummy is growling. He’s telling me it’s late and I haven’t fed them yet. I haven’t had dinner yet. Where did the evening go already? Oh yeah, I was reading, then I did some quick bookkeeping. Now blogging. Well, I guess I better go see about getting everyone fed.

Until next time, keep thinking.