And so the garden begins

As you can see from the graphic above, the Stonecharmer Kickstarter campaign funded this morning. We’re well on our way to the 1st stretch goal. At the moment of me writing this, there’s just a little over 35 hours to go.

I was writing today when I heard that the campaign funded. I made a quick little video because my creative voice said it would be fun. I videoed Temmy, who was very tired after playing all morning and about to fall asleep. She did shortly after I finished the video. I debated whether I should go finish the video, but I stayed to finish out my writing day. Good me.

After lunch, my son and I went out to work on the front yard. There were a lot of little branches and pinecones from all the windy days we’ve been having so Kevin got those picked up while I mowed. The first one of the year is always a doozy since I use a manual lawnmower. No power, no gas, just me pushing. Great exercise.

Then I went into the back and started weeding the garden. I got about half of it done. I also pulled out the remains of the broccoli plants from last year — they weren’t coming back. Still a lot to do to get the garden land ready for this year, but it’s coming along nicely. No cucumbers this year!

I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow. I know I am now.

Until next time, keep digging deeper.