Kickstarter finished

My Kickstarter finalized today, so I’ve been busy doing all the prep work for fulfillment, like sending out surveys. Since it’s my first one, I also built my own spreadsheet so that I can compare it to theirs and figure out the best way to deal with all the information they send. It’s very interesting though.

The excitement of it ending, along with a question asked with less than an hour to go which sent me scrambling to gather information, did keep me from writing as much today. I was still able to focus and get a bit done. I did have to make notes so I could clear my mind. If I haven’t said it before, my Boogie Board Blackboard has been a very good investment. I keep thinking I should get another. I’ve used it for list-making, journaling, book notes, and mind-dumps like today. I love that I can add pages inside the app to bind different types of notes together, like notes for my books or journaling pages. Anyway, yes, good investment for me.

I’m hoping to get into the garden for a bit this evening. My muscles are sore from working the last couple of days and I think I need to keep at it so I can keep the muscles toning. I didn’t work more than 30 minutes yesterday. It’s hard for me to leave a project undone once I get started, so this is training for me. It was hard to quit at 30 minutes, but I told myself I needed to not overwork or get dehydrated. Plus, I wanted to get painting done and if I stayed in the garden, that wouldn’t be happening. Last year, I spent too much time in the garden and let the writing and painting slack a bit. I can’t do that this year. So, it’s going to take a more concentrated effort on my part to just do some every day. Sound familiar?

Picture above are some more tulips growing up around some of the rock landscaping. I think the squirrels planted those ones for me a couple years ago.

Stay strong.