Balance vs harmony

Today, dividing my time, not overworking myself, and leaving projects unfinished was a challenge. I told you I have problems with that.

I wrote the blurbs for the Stonecharmer series. That was fun. Then I spent an hour in the garden. That was fun until I realized I’d gone too long. I’d even set a timer and everything. I hated that I had done so little in that time and I wanted to get more done.

And because it’s Wednesday, my brain went to business this morning (writing those blurbs) and I didn’t get to writing until this afternoon before dinner.

It just seems like I never get enough done. There’s always more I want to do.

I have beside me several ACEO’s that need scanned in then varnished. I’ve been trying to get to them for several days now.

I did hear someone say the other day that there is no such thing as work/life balance because that implies that both sides are equal and it never is. What we should strive for instead is work/life harmony.

I had to wonder if that critter exists either. It might for a while, but like the seasons, I don’t think it can last. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to give it a try.

I did have Temmy outside for a bit today though. She loves exploring. Except we had to tighten up her harness because she nearly slipped out of it. I have to stay focused on her when she’s outside. At least for now. Maybe one day she’ll be calm enough to sit beside me. Not know though.

That’s Temmy on the prowl above.

How about it? Should we go exploring too?