First reader has finished the trilogy

“I really loved this trilogy!”

That’s the quote from my first reader when she sent corrections back to me for the last book in the Stonecharmer series.

I’m glad she enjoyed series. I’m glad to have someone catching my right brain writing errors. Apparently I don’t fully re-read sentences when I re-write them. Imagine that. In my brain, they are done and I’m ready to get the story rolling again. Maybe someday grammar checkers will also be good enough to catch the errors like “back to the Fred’s smithy.” (Bold to the word that needs to come out). Or when “as” should be “at.” So many little things that don’t get caught right now. Instead, they are more concerned with telling me that “more importantly” should be changed to “urgent.” If “urgent” was the word I wanted, I would have typed it to begin with. Granted, that is just an example, and probably a poor one at that because I don’t listen to my grammar checker any more because of things like that. I also refuse to buy a service like Grammarly. Let’s not go down that shady road. It’s great for business communication but needs to be shunned by writers (unless you are the type to polish your story to death and make it sound flat and boring, which is what… nope! I said I wasn’t going there!).

I started going through the comments and fixing errors and I finished Stonecharmer. Now I just need to finish all the formatting and that book will be ready to go. One down, two more to go.

Any hiccups now are all on me.

No fear!