Garden work continues

The ground for my garden is almost ready. I spend more time out there today, ran into some big worms, and dug up a lot of weeds. I think I’m finally getting to the heart of the morning glory that someone planted like forty-fifty years ago or so. Yes, it made for a pretty fence line, but it’s never been fun to mow through, even when I was using a gas mower.

We have two days of rain ahead of us, so I wanted to get most of it done. Then we have a snow, followed by two sunny days getting in the 70’s. What strange weather. As I was working in the garden, I was listening to an audiobook and they mentioned how weather may be in part generated by the moods of the people in that location. With as crazy as some of the people have been here lately, I can see it. Plus, all things are connected, so why wouldn’t the weather be too?

While I was in the garden, I was listening (other than to my audiobook) to Bella when she would come over and meow at me. When she came to get me, that was my sign to take a water break, breathe, and check my heart rate. Then I’d go back to work and she’d wander off a little ways and watch me. She made a good gauge.

Other than the garden, I worked on matter that will go into the Stonecharmer books, then I did some writing too. After I was done with the garden, and I was done, Kevin and I watched a movie. it was a good time to let me rest.

Soon, I need to get Loki 9 ready to go to my first reader. She’s excited for it, and ready now that she’s finished the trilogy. But that’s stuff that will wait until tomorrow. For now, I want to go to bed and read for a bit. I’m into Sanctuary, the third book in Mercedes Lackey’s Joust series, and last night I was reading about the main character accidentally stumbling upon a wild dragon. Just as the main character was getting ready for the dragon to pounce at him, Temmy, who had the zoomies at that time, sped into my room, jumped on my bed, and attacked my feet. Good thing the blanket was there because I did feel her claws. It made me shriek. My cats, I tell you. The whole reason there’s the scratch-scratch-scratch during the tomb in the catacombs scene in Quest for the Three Books is because I was up reading the manuscript about 2 a.m. one morning while writing it and Coville scared the living daylights out of me by scratching in his litter box. What a horrid sound he makes back there when the rest of the house is quiet. So, yes, he’s responsible for that scene being as creepy as it is. I channeled the fear I was feeling right into the manuscript. I can’t even read that scene without thinking about that night.

My cats, I tell you.

Peace be with you.