Copyright and drama queen tulips

Today, I was not a cat. (grin)

There was, however, snow. Above is a picture of my grass this morning. Here’s a picture of Merlin leading the way outside:

We’re heading away from the house here. So you can see that it gets worse as we head out towards the road. He was highly confused about why the funky white stuff was back. Not nearly as dismayed as Kreeli and Bella had been when they’d gone out earlier. I almost wish I’d had a video of that. Bella hissed at poor Kreeli as if it were the dog’s fault that the snow was back. Kreeli just gave her the old dog look, “As if I want this back. Do you know how much my bones are aching?”

Some of my tulips up close to the house were acting like drama queens in the little snow that was falling on them:

Then it warmed up and all melted off with huge dripping sounds.

In my book, I was inside a small spaceship. Granted, it was landed near a forest, but I still got to ignore the sounds. Besides, this book is very smell heavy. I feel like I keep asking myself, “So what’s that scent or odor that it would have?”

Then once my concentration broke for the day, I began the corrections for Stonebreaker. After that, because my laptop’s battery was drained, I began reading about copyright trying to find some answers to a couple questions I have. I’m not sure I found my answers yet.

By the time my son and I went out to the library, all the snow was melted except for in a couple places in front of parked cars.

I just wish that on days when I’m not feeling productive, like yesterday, I would do the things like researching my copyright questions. It’s not like those were new or that I needed to do anything more than search for good articles and read, maybe grab my copy of The Copyright Handbook. Oh well. I keep reminding myself that taking a “cat day” is much better than having a “bad day” because my mental health decides to take a route through a tar pit. When I think of it that way, I smile and know that I have no regrets about yesterday.

Keep calm and read on.