In two more sessions today, I finished pulling the weeds for my garden. Hopefully in the next couple of days, I can rototill the area.

While I was doing that, I listened to a workshop about copyright. It didn’t answer all the questions I have, but I think it’ll get me close enough. I did also go digging through a couple of websites today which I bookmarked to check regularly.

I know some people would question what I’m doing. Why am I pulling weeds by hand and spending hours doing it? Why am I researching an odd topic on copyright? Both of those are so boring and pointless. Just poison the weeds, fast, easy, and simple. Then you don’t have to worry about them. And copyright? What’s that all about anyway? Who cares?

Yeah, it could easily become a big misunderstanding.

I pull the weeds by hand rather than using an herbicide because I don’t like adding poison to the earth. I try to keep my life as natural as possible. Okay, I’m a human living in these times, but I can still do what I can to control what is in my care. Besides, pulling weeds is like pulling the spines out of your enemies by ripping off their heads. (kidding! But I did hear someone say that last summer and it made me laugh. I try not to have people that I dislike that much, at least since I left high school. So, there’s still a part of myself that can relate and pulling weeds is a much healthier alternative). It does get me moving.

I was thinking about all the times on the farm that we spent burning weeds. Still better than dumping poison on weeds and letting that get into the ground, but I don’t miss those days.

As for copyright, I’m just trying to keep myself educated. I think I’ll leave it with that. Everything else I say sounds wrong and I keep deleting it. Yeah, I understand. Most people would find copyright boring. I just think of it as another way to tend my property, much like pulling weeds.

It could also be that I’m just exhausted after all I did today. My son and I also got out and took a walk. He thought it was about a mile. That was in-between yardwork sessions today. Bless his heart, he raked up all the sticks that had fallen in the last few wind storms and finished mowing the yard for me so I didn’t have to do all that.

We did also watch a movie tonight. We watched the Adam Project. I enjoyed it. I must have since I’m mentioning it here.

Two more nice days, then the temperature drops again. Any day now, someone will flip the switch and it will be summer.

Stay chill.