Carrying on

It was certainly a strange morning without Kreeli. Merlin was confused as to why I was feeding him so early. He’s gotten used to waiting for Kreeli to get up. Then, he walked away from his food and went to where Kreeli usually ate to look for her food bowl. Then, he sat in my office while I was writing and he stayed under the desk the whole time as if he were missing her presence there.

I thought I’d been doing pretty good, but halfway through my session this morning, I realized I’d written barely over a page when I should have done three. I guess I was paying too much attention to Merlin and his moods. For the most part, he’s doing okay, but there are moments when he seems to suddenly realize Kreeli is missing. Yeah, me too, buddy.

I spent the afternoon with my family and we did some shopping and walking around the mall. Then, as if I hadn’t walked enough, my son and I went out for a walk after dinner.

This evening, I scanned some ACEO’s. There was one that when it scanned, it came out black no matter how much I turned up the brightness. When I took a picture of it with my phone, it came out too bright and I couldn’t adjust the colors correctly. I don’t think that will be one that gets listed online.

Well, tomorrow is another day.