Spring, can we make a deal?

I think an ice nymph moved through our area today.

Yesterday, the weather was in the 70’s. Today, it was down in the 40’s. Plus, when I got up this morning, the weather app said it was snowing. Snowing! Again?

So, I looked outside and it looked like we’d had a good spring rain. I certainly didn’t see any snow.

Then, I harnessed up Merlin and took outside. Dang it all if it wasn’t snowing!

It didn’t stick, but we did have snow for most of the morning.

Surely that means an ice nymph went through the area. Maybe it was Bajet on his way to go look for his sister.

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In Let’s Make a Deal, Bajet journeys to find his sister who has been kidnapped by a desert sheik. The heat threatens them both. But when the sheik wants to bargain, he must deal with one formidably cold man who isn’t in a mood to make a deal.

My first reader on this story loved it and wanted to know more. I know that Bajet is a guardsman to the prince of the ice nymphs. I have the tingling of a story sitting in the back of my head, but creative voice just isn’t quite ready to play with it yet. Yet! Maybe someday soon though.

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Think sun!

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