More writing

I’ve spent the day writing. I’m really not sure if I like this idea of not logging words daily. Yes, I do feel like I’ve gotten more done, but since I don’t have most to show for it at the moment, it’s almost like a weird limbo. I’m contemplating keeping track of pages finished, but since I know that it’s 250 words per manuscript page, it’s easy to find out how much I’ve done per day. That might defeat the purpose, especially since this whole exercise was to keep me from worrying over throwing words out. Only consumable words count.

The whole thing makes it really hard to judge where I’m at though. In some ways, I wonder if it makes me more anxious to finish stories. Which, in the overall scheme of things, should be good. After all, the goal is to write more.

New Patreon posts are going out this week too.

Now I need to keep rolling on the Kickstarter rewards. I feel time ticking there. But I’m getting closer to being done. I do need to post an update there as well.

And so, I’ll keep plugging away. Even if the weather still wants to snow today (which it did, as well as hail).