Vivid dreams

I sometimes have very vivid dreams.

Lately, my dreams become very strange and sometimes horrific, but thankfully I don’t remember them these days. It’s strange because I’m used to remembering my dreams. Plus, these ones are almost lucid. I’m very aware in them and I’ve even tried to trigger myself to remember them in a process that feels very much like when I’m trying to remember an idea for writing. Yes, that’s how lucid they are. I know them when I’m in them.

That’s also why I can sit here and write that I’ve had scary dreams lately even though I don’t know what they were about. The emotion has stayed with me rather than the story.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember them. The last one I specifically recall was the one I’d set as a challenge to my subconscious because I needed a story idea and quick. My brain had been sending ideas and the one I used was the one that I woke up to.

But aside from my recent dreams, I used to have similar recurring dreams involving old houses and/or basements. Sometimes I’d hear water dripping and I’d be on this quest to the bottom to find out what was leaking. I don’t think I ever did find any leaks ever. I do remember several of the basements, particularly this one that was like 3-stories tall. Yikes.

Today, I got to put that basement dream into a new Fenrir’s Tale story. That story will post next week in Basement of Dreams.

I think it’s so cool that I get to have revenge on these weird dreams that creep me out.

Sleep well.