The things I don’t say

As expected, today was a busy day.

My son was moving today and we had to take a trip. He drove his car and I drove my car. He started out before me while I tried to download a couple podcasts to listen to on the drive. Then, once I was in my car, I remembered that my phone doesn’t play through the radio via Bluetooth as I am used to. We use a radio transmitter to go through Bluetooth to the car radio.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work, so I left my phone on to charge, since I’d forgotten to do that in the morning, and I started driving.

I get out of town without issues. Then I passed both exits for the next town when all of a sudden my low tire pressure light comes on. Now, I know I didn’t actually check the tires before leaving and it had been awhile, but I didn’t think they were low. So, there’s no way to turn around for 15 miles. So, I slowed down and listened for noises or signs of smoke. I remember coming home through northern Nevada one time when my son was learning to drive. We were behind a trailer and their tire started smoking. I told Kevin to stay back and sure enough within a few miles it blew. I don’t recall if we tried to flash lights at him to get his attention. I find it hard to believe that I wouldn’t, but we were far back and we determined that the driver couldn’t see his smoking tire. I might have just had Kevin stay back because he wasn’t very experienced at that time and I didn’t want him having to deal with an emergency situation. If I’d been driving, it might have been a different story. I could’ve gotten closer, maybe. Problem was that we could see it about to go, but had no idea how much time until it blew. So, I was watching for these signs as I was driving.

I made it the 15 miles without issue and got off to check the tires. All were filled well. Okay, a couple were down about 5 PSI, but really? So, I paid to put air in those two tires. I drove around the parking lot and the light didn’t go off. I pulled back over and since I still had time on the machine, I checked my other two tires. Maybe my pressure gauge was off. Who knows?

That’s when a guy who had been resting with his adult son on a little grassy came over and said, “So, didn’t we watch you do this once. Are you feeling a OCD much?”

I laughed and told him about the low tire pressure light and added that I hoped it made her happy now that I’d put air in all 4 tires.

“Her?” he asked.

I grinned broadly and said, “Yeah, Sha’re, my car. She’s a good car.”

I could see him looking at me as if wanting to say, “You name your car?”

Yes, actually her name is Scheherazade, the storyteller from One Thousand and One Nights, but we call her Sha’re for short. You know, that’s the name of Daniel Jackson’s wife in Stargate, so it all works. But I wasn’t about to stand there and explain that all to her.

They made some comment about her being a pretty car. Yes, she’s a pro Xterra, so she is classy. I love driving her. Again, no going to go into explaining all that.

He asked where I was heading and I said I was going to Boise.

That’s when it got a little weird. He asked me where I was staying.

I seriously had to hold back from saying, “Serial killer, much?” But, I didn’t let Loki rule my tongue this time. Instead, I just said that my son was moving and I was taking some stuff down and then heading home.

To which he said that we might see each other around Boise. I’m thinking in my head, not unless you’re stalking me.

He went about his way and I got back in Sha’re and started driving. The dang low tire pressure light was still on. So, I just kept going slow thinking that I might have a faulty sensor or maybe a problem I couldn’t see. If I could just get to Boise, I could have someone look at it.

After a few miles, I realized that my cell phone was probably charged and reached down to take out the radio transmitter from the cigarette lighter. Dang if the moment that I pulled that out, the low tire pressure light went off. I made the rest of the trip without a peep from the light.

Okay, yes, this points to other possible issues which I’ll have to check out, but the transmitter was old and flakey, so I’m going to blame the whole issue on that. I think that once my phone was fully charged, that’s when the light came on. At least there was no serious issue.

When my son and I made a trip to go shopping for a new and different transmitter, as well as a few other things, we didn’t see the man around Boise. Whew. That would’ve been weird.

Drive safely!