Garden coming along

I’m going to write super fast tonight because I want to get out to see the lunar eclipse. Of course, it’s Idaho, so there’s clouds. Good luck seeing the moon! We’re going to try anyway.

I have spent a majority of the day outside working in my back yard. Kevin got it mowed again while I pulled a few additional weeds that had grown up in the garden over the last few days, then I tilled it.

Yep, that’s my small plot of land for my garden. You can actually see my tomato planter. We got three tomato plants (Black Princes, of course) yesterday while we were in Boise. Last night right after we got them home, I realized one of them had snapped it’s stem sometime during the trek. I taped it up and it healed itself during the night. However, it got bumped again today and it broke it again. Dang. I shouldn’t have removed the tape, but it looked so weak this morning that I thought I was losing it and wanted to give it strength to re-root instead of heal — then I saw that it had healed so well I almost couldn’t find the break. Either way, I wanted to get it in good and deep so it could mend or root, whichever it preferred. Kevin’s comment was, “Knowing you’re luck, Mom, that’s the only plant that will produce now.” What can I say? The kid knows me.

Above is Bella walking around all sassy.

Here’s the full shot where I was trying to get the garden before she photo bombed.

We were tired after all our gardening, so we watched a movie and took a nap. Then, I went out to do some more in the yard, raking and pulling weeds, this evening. I did get some writing done this morning. I was supposed to work on Stonesinger today, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Now, we just have to get plants. I’m so looking forward to broccoli and squash. No cucumbers this year! I’m not sure what else I want to plant. I should probably take another section of the yard and put in some potatoes. That would be fun. I haven’t grown potatoes for a few years, but the ones I did were good.

Anyway, I look forward to that adventure too.

But eclipse now.

Look up to the stars.