When the brain hits a wall

No luck for the eclipse last night (of course!). It was too low near the horizon and there were thick thunderstorm clouds off to the east. So, no luck for us.

Today I worked on Stonesinger and got through edits. Tomorrow I will work on covers. Then it’ll be ready to go. After that, Kevin and I went to get plants and we took a long drive though the valley. We still got home in time to get the garden plants into the ground. I still have some berries to work with. Wish me luck because I’m trying again with raspberries and blackberries. I tried raspberries several years ago and it failed miserably.

Kevin and I were out driving today because he didn’t believe me about the “New” sign along the road. I’d seen it while I was heading over to Buhl last week and it sort of made my brain feel like it slammed into a brick wall. Seriously, no one expects to be driving down the road and see “NEW” on the sign. Yes, that is a picture of it above.

Well, I’m off now to go get some sleep. With luck, I won’t oversleep like I did this morning and I’ll get up to write for a couple hours before starting my day. Everything has felt off today because I didn’t get that time in. I’d do it now, but I know that pets will be waking me up at 6:30. This morning, I got up then to feed them. Then I made the mistake of thinking that I’d go back to sleep until my alarms went off. Um, I don’t remember hearing them, but they were turned off and I don’t recall doing that either.

So yeah, just like this blog post has been all over the place in terms of lining out my day, my brain also feels out of sorts with today too. Could it be from the energy of the eclipse that I knew was happening but never saw? Wow, what a way to anger the ancient gods.