Digging in the dirt

My garden is all planted.

It’s been a long few days, but it’s done. I mean to take a picture today, but I forgot. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll remember to take one. It’ll be interesting to watch it as it grows. I have a feeling it’s going to be a tangle of plants this year. With broccoli on both sides.

I felt kind of in a rush to get them going. Things are changing soon in my life and I’m trying to put in a good foundation this week. I’m sure I’ll talk more about it later, but right now I’m going to stay quiet. I’m still not sure how I feel about it all and I suspect I still have some mind weeds. I just really want to see how things go.

It’s also why I really need to get Stonesinger done as well as the short story rewards on the Kickstarter. Time is passing and I can’t let it evaporate on me. I must stay focused. (If I were really smart, I’d grab that 3 month calendar I have and plot out some dates to stay aware of.) Maybe that will happen tomorrow.

Well, I need to go get a task done before I head off to bed.