Stonecharmer on pre-order

The ebooks for the Stonecharmer series is now available for pre-order.

Right now, the series is set to start releasing on September 6, 2022. This will probably move up some after I get Kickstarter rewards out, but they will all be released very close together as they are set. Here are the series right now with links to retailers where you can get the pre-order as well as the current release dates (again, they will most likely start releasing sooner, but this is what I know now).

Stonecharmer (September 6, 2022) –

Stonebreaker (September 27, 2022) –

Stonesinger (October 18, 2022) –

If you pre-ordered the ebook through the Kickstarter campaign, links will be going out very soon. I’m nearly ready to send out ebooks and rewards.