Merlin’s new friend

My garden survived the wind and cold that came through yesterday and last night, but another one of my tomatoes snapped. I put my more dirt around it and told it to take root. We’ll see what happens. The one that snapped last weekend seems to be doing well, but yesterday was rough on it. Time will tell.

Here’s a picture of the garden right now, as promised.

There’s one zucchini that’s growing fast. In the picture below, it is the plant near the top of the picture.

While I was out watering, Merlin made a new friend.

I’m not sure if this fledgling got tossed out of the nest by the wind yesterday. It did have some short flight capabilities so it might have been that mama and papa were trying to teach it to fly when I interrupted training.

Bella isn’t happy with me. I kept her in the house all afternoon and evening while I kept an eye on baby bird through the windows. I did see papa with it at one point so I’m hoping it achieved flight shortly thereafter. At least enough so it could get to safety from all the cats in the neighborhood.

Of course, after Merlin was back in the house after discovering the bird, he barked every time he heard birds outside for the next half hour. He also tried to convince me that we should go back outside to check on the bird. He was so happy about the whole situation, except for when I wouldn’t take him out.

Fly free.