Does the weather play mind games?

Because of my searches the last couple of nights, I haven’t gotten much writing done. I’m hoping to get some done tonight after I finish writing this. That also means that I must not get distracted by the television show I have on as noise to cover up any neighborhood sounds my dog might hear and send him barking as well as the wind coming up from the storm brewing outside.

I do not like wind, and it seems to have gotten so much worse the last few years. Or maybe I’m just noticing it now.

The picture up top was taken a little bit ago before the wind came up. There was actually a double rainbow, but the top one was faint so I don’t think it came out in the photos very well. Fat raindrops were splatting on me and the sidewalk then and little seedlings were skittering down the street and giving off such a sound like rain that it was strange not to be getting soaked. Talk about the weather playing mind games.

It sounds like the wind gusts might be over, at least temporarily (though I’m hoping for the rest of the night), so I should go get to writing so I have more stories to get out to readers.

Woo hoo!