Blueberry crumb cake coffee

I bought this coffee a few days ago because I’ve been curious about blueberries in coffee. Sorry, but fruit in coffee just didn’t sound interesting. But, I like blueberry muffins and will enjoy coffee with them, so how bad could it be, right?

As it brewed, I was sure about the smell. It definitely smelled like blueberries and coffee. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that if I don’t like the smell of a coffee, I generally like it, and if I do like the smell, I won’t like the taste at all. Until I add creamer. If I like the taste, I like the fragrance at that point. If I didn’t like the taste, then I also don’t like the scent. Weird, I know. Just something strange I’ve noticed about myself.

Because it says “Sweet and flavorful” right on the box, I tried some before I added the creamer. Yeah, not sweet enough for me to have without creamer. I just don’t like black coffee. At all.

But, once I added a little bit of creamer, let me just say that this coffee tasted just like a blueberry coffee cake. It was very good. And, like many other coffees, once I add the creamer, then I also liked the aroma.

As for the cat food beneath it, I hadn’t tried that yet. My cats, however, assure me that they enjoy it very much and wish I’d put out another can for them now.

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Drink more coffee.