Using space

I’ve been changing around my desks today to set up another work space. My standing desk that lifts via a crank got moved into another room and I built a new, smaller desk for my publishing desk. I hope that it keeps me a little more focused at this desk since there’s no room.

It’s put my house in a semi-disheveled state, which probably isn’t too far from normal, but now I have furniture all out of place. I still have another small stand which will be moved into place. That might become an audio workstation for me.

Yes, the question I seem to have put forth to me for the last 20 years: how many offices do I need?

I just like to have space dedicated to different things I do. It allows me to keep everything out so I can just sit down and get to work. I chalk this need for space up to being from the Pacific northwest area. We need our space out here. Lots and lots of space. Our personal bubbles are large. I’ve known people who had no personal space around them and they can stand right next to you and if you try to move away, they put themselves right up against you again. It’s like they need to be packed in. Yeah, I’m not one of those people. Space. I like it.

And I use it. So, yes, multiple workspaces in my house, each for dedicated things.

Living space, you ask? Yes, I have some of that too. That is really what bleeds through each of my spaces. Work/life harmony, remember? I am happiest when I am working and living. It shouldn’t be about one or the other, but rather finding the enjoyment in both. It took me far too long to realize that.

But even my pets realize which workspace I’m supposed to be in at a given moment. They know the routine. They want me to get all the work (and play) done.

Live on.