Never edit when it’s windy


The heater is back on. It’s the end of May and it’s still cold. Cold enough for me to run the heater. Oh, and did I mention the WIND!!!!

Seriously, I’m a little tired of these windstorms. I guess I’m not the one that gets to decide. Yet, given what’s happened in this country over this last week which has furiously spun people’s emotions into squalls, I guess shouldn’t be surprised by the tempestuous weather. It certainly makes a good case for weather being influenced by emotions I’ll tell you.

I’ve been doing my best to ignore it today. I got my pages done before it really started blowing. Then I updated 1-800-CallLoki as well as For More Information, Call Loki for a correction I discovered I needed to make. I went through everything slowly so I didn’t mess something up even more while I was uploading. Not a good time for me to try to multitask or handle multiple uploads at once.

I nearly forgot that I needed to look at a link in my friend’s books, but I found the offending link and resent her an updated epub. I would’ve felt badly if I’d forgotten to do that since she contacted me on Monday and I told her that I’d get to it by this weekend if not sooner. Sooner didn’t work out for the same reason I wasn’t writing to my page goals last week.

While I’m mentioning that, I should say that I only got done half of my pages that I’d hoped to do last week. But, at least 6 of those pages wouldn’t have gotten done if I hadn’t had some sort of target for me to aim at. I’ve set a more reasonable goal this next week. I think I just need to work up, plus I don’t see myself getting done all that I want to with the way next week is shaping up. Still, I’ll take 14 out of 28 pages. It’s a failure, but not a complete loss.

This week, I won’t have the same issues I had last week, but time will still be at a premium.

After lunch, I went on to do corrections I’d received back from my first reader and get that story finalized. I worked on setting up distribution links to get the Kickstarter rewards out. And lastly, I went to work on proofing the final story I need for the Kickstarter. The beginning needed some work because obviously I’d been dictating it and things weren’t clear. But that let me play with the story a little more. I don’t want to touch it too much. Otherwise, I’ll be rewriting the whole thing. It’s a paranormal murder mystery and it would really be cool if the wind wasn’t slamming branches against the house and making me jump while I’m working on it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly come out of my skin this evening over some loud sound against the walls or windows. I guess I should never edit when it’s windy.

My watch says the wind is going to get bad again later tonight. I think I might be taking a valerian so I can sleep through it. And the pets will cuddle around to help keep me warm.

Batten down the hatches!