When the creative voice kills a story

After I got daily pages done this morning, I went back to the story that I was editing yesterday. After about an hour, I had finished reading through it. Boy, did I have some issues with it.

Instead of working on the story and finishing that up, I went into Kickstarter and started getting out rewards for the people who had ordered electronic stories. I got everything done except for the two bonus electronic stories, of course, since I’m still finishing up one of them. It still feels really good to have most of the Kickstarter campaign fulfilled already. I’m way ahead of schedule.

So what’s wrong with the short story? The problem is that I had known how it was going to end about halfway through the story, and then I didn’t follow through with that. I said in last night’s blog that I could tell that I had been dictating it at the beginning, and as I got closer to the end I could tell that I was dictating that section too. Since I was dictating, I knew I was away from the story and didn’t have a copy where I could look at it. I didn’t remember that I had a plan for the ending. So, when I wrote it differently from what it should’ve been, I went against what my creative voice wanted to do with the story. That explains why it’s been very hard for me to get back to it. My creative voice wasn’t happy with what I’d done and would rather kill it than let it get published the way I had it written. Funny, I never expected my creative voice to squash a story in such a way.

So now I have to go back, cut off the ending, and fix the story the way it should be. I do kind of like the ending, so I may tuck it away as an idea for another story, but I don’t know that it will be in the same series or another one entirely. I think it’s me getting my wires crossed between two stories yet again. I do that, writing two stories at once, on occasion you know? (grin)

Writing is definitely a peculiar beast. It’s always fun to see how a story is going to come together especially since the way the story demands to be written can surprise you just as much as the characters inside the story when they take off.

If you were kind enough to support my Kickstarter and were expecting electronic books but didn’t receive my email, please check your spam. If it’s not there either, send me a message.

Print books are on their way to me. so I’ll be mailing them out to backers soon. After that, I can solidify the release dates for the ebooks, and then I’ll be focusing on the next book.

Siva’s story, the one I’m writing now, I swear I should call the “everything you wanted to know about novihomidraks” book. It discusses everything about my dragon born, from the novihomidraks themselves and their abilities, to the dragons, and to the saperes. I think it would be a good starter book for someone who wanted an intro to that whole system.

Now, I must be off to get ready for tomorrow. I suspect tomorrow is going to be a strange and busy day.

Later, gators.