Tumbleweed Collective

Merlin and I took a little trip out to the post office today to mail our packages, then we drove over to Shoshone, Idaho, where I set up a little book display with Tumbleweed Collective. That’s in the picture above.

They have many great items in there, from vintage and antique items to handmade goods, natural healing, stones, pewter dragons, and even food items. They truly are a collective of wonderful things.

I’ll be rotating my stock there since I have a lot of books, so when you’re in the area during your travels, be sure to stop in.

Now I’m off to do some bookkeeping and finish writing my pages for the week. I’ve already finished a Fenrir story (actually, it’s part 1 of 2) and it made me cry this morning. I had to stop writing for a bit and do something else. But soon I’ll be getting back to it because I’d like to finish another 3-5 pages today.

Keep rollin’.