Mowing in the rain

Thanks to me sleeping late this morning, my creative voice revealed how it wanted to correct Ring of Stars. I spent the morning after that weaving that into the story. I feel much better about it now. I think it’s ready.

Now I have to proof it and get it out. Woo hoo.

After that, because I wanted a moment away from the story before I started rereading it, I went outside to work in the yard. With all the rain we’ve had, it’s become a bit overgrown. I probably should have been working on it a little at a time, but I know how hard it is for me to stop a project once I start. That remained true today as well.

I had Merlin out with me in the yard to keep me company. We kept having to run into the house in-between rainstorms. We had scattered showers with an occasional thunderstorm all day. Usually if I waited a few moments, it stopped and we were good to go back out. After lunch, it was even sunny for a while. After the dark clouds of the morning, it was nice to hear kids playing and smell barbeques going.

Just as I was about to finish up the yardwork, it started hailing. I grabbed Merlin and ran to the house. It also stopped just moments later. I ran back out, made a couple more runs up and down over the yard with the mower while looking up at the clouds saying that I wasn’t afraid of it and if it would just give me a couple more minutes, then I’d go in the house and properly cowar.

I think all I did was make the storm angry.

I once again had to run from the hail which came down for the next five minutes before turning into a torrent of rain. We had some flash flooding going on. That doesn’t happen here very often. But there was a stream off water running down the street and down my neighbor’s sidewalk and into my driveway. It was very strange.

The rain was still coming down when I ran out to pick up some branches I had piled up as well as run the mower back around the back of the house. The photo above and the one below are my garden after been watered by the storms.

This all means that I’ll be out mowing an overgrown yard again next weekend.

My body is so sore and tired now. I’m too old for this. It might be time for me to think about getting a real lawnmower again or hiring a service.

I did find a couple neat things today while doing yardwork. Hopefully I’ll remember and show them later in the week.

Right now, rest.