Backyard wildlife

Still a little sore today, but it’s okay. Now, I will show you the couple of things I found yesterday and found fascinating.

First, I found this white moth hiding in some of the grass I was mowing.

I believe this is a white satin moth. A beautiful creature who seems to be a little south than usual. It clung to one of the clippings, so I lifted it out of the way then took a picture. I wasn’t sure if the mower blades had caught it or not, so I left it be for a few moments and when I came back to check on it, it was gone. I’m hoping it got it’s wits about it and few away.

I zoomed in on one of my photos to look at the antennae. Look at how cool these are:

It wasn’t too much after discovering the moth that I found this little mushroom. I guess I’m always a little taken when I discover mushrooms.

There’s another one by Merlin’s pen right now, but it’s white with an irregular flat top. Not anything nearly as cool as this. It was so well hidden that I nearly missed it, kind of like the moth.

Who knew I had such wildlife in my backyard?