Pressure cook

I’m trying to use up items in my freezer. The assortment is mind-boggling. Yet, it really needs defrosted since I don’t think it’s ever been done.

I am slowly working my way to the bottom. What I’ve really decided that I need is a quick-reference chart for my pressure cooker, one that actually refers to things I have in my freezer, not what the chart I received when I when I bought the appliance.

Knowing me, it needs to be a spreadsheet (*laughing*). No, really (*laughing harder*). A tab for meat cooking times, a tab for veggie times, and a tab for things I cook together. I often do potatoes and sausage links in the winter. Talk about comfort foods to warm a person up. Wash and dice a few potatoes (cutting them in quarters or smaller), add the water, put in the rack (or not — without works too), add sausages, cook on high for 8 minutes. Mash potatoes if desired after the food is cooked. Sometimes I just like to put butter, salt, and pepper on them and eat them like that.

Oops, I think I just committed a major Internet crime. I didn’t give pages and pages of a long story before getting to the recipe. No flashing ads along the way (I hope) either. I really didn’t give much of a recipe either, just information.

Sorry. I was trying to find the time to pressure cook my pork tenderloin tonight I swear every recipe page looked identical and none of them were very helpful at all. Recently on a friend’s Facebook post, she had a repost of someone else who obviously gets as irritated at this as I do. The original post, from a writer, said, “Someday, I’m going to write a story about a woman who murders people and writes about it on her food blog. No one ever notices because they just hit the “Jump to recipe” button on her site.” That’s about a true statement.

Well, the pork tenderloin is starting to smell really good and I need to find something to go with it. I’m thinking about sticky rice with sweet soy sauce. Yeah, no fancy recipe. Just a quick heat up. I’d rather spend my time writing.