Part 2 is finished

So far, all the Fenrir’s Tales that have multiple parts to them have nice little endings that still wrap the story.

Until today.

The ending to Dog Park (Part 1) made me cry. The ending to Dog Park (Part 2) is a cliffhanger and a drastic edgy one at that. When I started this story, I really thought it would only have the two parts. But no, my creative voice is loving it. I’m not even sure I’ll be wrapping it up in three parts. It might be four. I don’t know yet. But I am enjoying writing it and waiting to see what happens next.

Yes, as usual, I have no clue where it’s going. I’m writing completely into the dark. If I’m lucky, I see the next step before me and have to trust that as I continue along, I’ll be able to see the step after that.

I’m planning on posting part 2 to Patreon tomorrow. That’s the only place you can read parts 1 and 2, as well as all of the other Fenrir’s Tales I’ve written. Yes, there’s a few on Amazon Vella for the moment, but every one of them is on Patreon and Dog Park (Part 2) is #22.

In case you’re wondering, before counting this newest short story in, I’ve written 32,760 words in Fenrir’s Tales this year. That doesn’t count those that started it off last year. That’s just the stories written this year less the one I finished today. After I add that in, it’ll be closer to 35,000 words because I figure this segment is close to 2,000 words long. It might be the longest so far.

And tomorrow I get to start the next part and have more delightful fun in exploring where this story is going. How great is that?

Rock on.