Stonecharmer hardbacks

I received the hardbacks for the Kickstarter rewards today. It was awesome holding the hardbacks in my hands.

I should’ve taken a picture earlier, but I didn’t. I will, however, before I send them out.

They look beautiful. I was amazed. It sort of felt like the first time I held my paperback in my hands.

I hope to get an early start tomorrow. I have a lot to get done before the heat wipes me out as it did today. That, and two episodes of Lucifer. I promised myself that I’d let my self watch two episodes if I got all the pages written which I needed to do today. That apparently pleased my creative voice and I cranked out the pages, with the help of a nap in between. Too bad the nap was a bit longer than expected.

I did also watch a movie today — The Lake House. Good movie. It was a lot like the anime movie, Your Name. I also got out and weeded the garden today.

Yes, it’s been a packed day.

And I considered it a rest day.