Tired day

I got out to mow my yard this morning before I even had coffee. Egads, the horrors!

I wanted to get it done before it got hot and it’s supposed to be stormy tomorrow so I didn’t want a repeat of last week. Now watch — tomorrow will be minor showers and mostly cloudy all day, a rather good day to mow.

Once I was done though, I barely had energy to shower. I did, then I went to write. I only have a few pages to do today and perfectly doable. Except I was so tired. I finally went and took a nap.

Since then, I did manage to get a few pages written. I’m getting my blog done early tonight because I think I’m going to have an early dinner, then I hope to either finish my pages or work on editing Ring of Stars before I got to bed early and read some more of Aerie by Mercedes Lackey. I’d like to read more than two pages tonight. I’m hoping that if I veg now, I can have more energy by this evening.

If not, maybe rising early tomorrow will let me get done all that I wanted to get done this weekend.

At least I have managed to take one picture of the hardcovers. That’s their spines above. I promise that more will come.

I do wish I’d ordered a set for myself. Maybe later.

It seems like I’m saying, “Later,” to a lot of things right now. I don’t like that.

Filling the tank.