Well, my plan for last night worked well. Almost a little too well.

When I made it to my office last night, I realized that I still had 3/4 of a cup of coffee in there. No wonder I had a headache and was so tired. So I clicked on my coffee warmer and got to work.

I finished the 3rd part of the dog park story for Fenrir’s Tales. There is indeed a 4th part. Oh, my gosh. It was another cliffhanger ending. And, I hope I didn’t write myself into a corner. I have scheduled this segment of the story to post on Friday while I’m at Washington State Summer Con. But I plan on starting the 4th part tomorrow, so we’ll see if I need to do a quick rewrite of the ending before that goes live. I still have time. But, honestly, I’ll probably fly with it. It is, after all, my creative voice telling me where it wants to go and I’m game for that.

Then I got another few pages done on Siva’s story. I didn’t really want to stop. I was awake and the headache was gone by the time I got all this done. However, I know that Temmy demands me to wake at 6 a.m. no matter what, so I knew I should get to bed.

Today’s been better. I got my pages done early, the I’ve been working on Ring of Stars. I think I’m ready to finalize it and get it out to the Kickstarter backers, but that might wait until tomorrow night, maybe even Tuesday. Not sure on that yet.

Who knows? I might even have a moment tonight, but I haven’t even started my evening activities yet today and it’s growing late. I can tell that some things will have to wait.

Scampering off!