I almost forgot

Boy, would I have been mad.

After the show finished today, I packed up and came back to the beautiful Airbnb where I’ve been staying. I had dinner, then went out to the patio for a while. I tried to relax. It feels so strange sitting still. Then I got to talking with the owner, Tim, who has been a great host.

Finally, I got ready for bed and started reading. That’s when I remembered my blog.

I am over 300 days in for writing a post everyday. It would have irritated me to break it now. I’m glad I remembered.

Tomorrow I start the journey home. Once I get there, I hope my Surface decides to rejoin the living and I can do my posts on it again. Writing on my phone isn’t very much fun.

At least I can say now that I’ve had a little bit of rest. Now much. But a moment. My painting box is nearly empty so painting will need to be done. Plus, I kept hearing requests for audiobooks, so I’ve really got to get back to recording more. A lot of work to be done, I guess.

More shows are also upcoming. I’ve been approved for two more shows coming soon, so I really have work to do.

Yeah, that rest? I’m betting that I’ll be wanting more time off soon.

What? Me, rest? Doubtful. I’m too busy adventuring!

Party on!