Catching up can wait

I reset my Surface this evening. It seems to be happy now.

I have so much to catch up on from the show and not having my computer available that it’s sad. I will get there. Eventually.

About halfway through the day, my throat started to not feel well and its been getting worse. I’m not running a fever and I still have smell and taste, so it might just be con crud. I’ve been very lucky over the years. Many artists I know get con crud every time they attend a convention. I’ve had it maybe once. And, if I did, it was an extremely long time ago.

I am getting tired now, so I might be heading to bed early. My watch said that I was only asleep for 4 hours last night and that the quality of that was 19%. So, that could be why I feel run down too. It was hard to sleep last night, and not for lack of trying. Even Temmy settled down with me and purred so I’d relax, but it didn’t seem to help. Tonight might be a valerian night so that I relax. It’s probably what my body needs.

But there is plenty of time to catch up. I just need to start to make a list of what all I need to do so I don’t forget anything. Guess my body wants vacation mode.