When stores take a vacation

Many of my stores are on vacation.

I sold a lot of paintings at Washington State Summer Con, but because I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t taken a moment to update my shops.

Then I had someone buy a painting off eBay today. Fortunately, it was one that I had set aside but I started getting worried about what if I had sold it? So, until I can take a moment and get caught up, it’s best that my stores go into vacation.

At this point, I’m pretty certain I have a mild sinus infection. If I can keep it out of my lungs, all will be good. But that might be like trying to keep Temmy out of a new box. Yes, I’m finally coming around to the point where if I don’t want her in something, then I just have to let her have full access to it. If she believes that it’s not forbidden to her, then she doesn’t even care. Cats!