After several years away, my family and I are back to our annual vacation at Anime Oasis.

The name has changed. It’s now Neo Anime Oasis, but hopefully not much more has changed aside from the typical Covid concerns. I suspect this year will be a little different because of that.

For example, there are no voice actor panels. The voice actors are here and doing signings and an event each day, but I will miss getting to hear their stories. It always pumped me up to get back to recording audiobooks. Alas, I must gather my own inspiration this year I guess.

So, without much going on for me, I will find it hard to relax like I try to do. I’ll probably be off working then. No, really, I need to acknowledge that I need a break. Even if it’s only a day. Especially since I’m still recovering. I’m over the worst part of the sinus infection now. Just tired mostly. So, I must relax. It’s vacation, right?

Yeah, we’ll see.