Full reset tomorrow

I hope.

I’ve gotten far off schedule the last two weeks so at this point the only thing I can do is a full reset.

I won’t regret it though.

I had more adventures today. The picture above is from a nearby nature center. Too long walks. Has lots of laughs. Got some OTC nasal spray to help with my swollen sinuses (Yep, I know how to have fun!)

I m that tomorrow I can get back to routine. I’m going to make a few changes, but I’m ready to get back to the stories. In fact, today I got the inspiration for my next tale and I started to make notes.

As if I didn’t have several others to finish up f first.

Yes, but this one is a very good one!

Can you hear the creative voice and the critical voice in my thoughts? LOL! Yeah, i’ve been listening to that all afternoon.

Time to go take care of myself. Then, tomorrow, it’s back to the creativity.