For two days, Temmy has not been completely obnoxious. She’s been acting more like a cat than a toddler. Dare I hope that I am beyond the wild kitten phase?

Oh, she still arched her back, curled her tail, and ran like a psycho through the house a couple of times. And she had a battle with the blinds today. That I can handle compared to the destructively mean phase she’s been in.

I hesitate to think it might be over, but I am hopeful that she is settling down. Even Bella has been a little more tolerant of Temmy. I wonder if she’s noticed it too.

Well, I managed to get back to my evening routine, though I had to go out and pull weeds in the middle of the day to clear my head a bit. I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing or if I’m off track. Some days I just want to bang my head against the wall because it would be easier to drive in some smarts rather than the way I’m doing it. I don’t like frustration and yet it seems to be a frequent visitor to many areas of my life. Once again I feel a need for a change. Maybe I need a really big one instead of tinkering adjustments. I don’t know. I thought weeding my garden, which has gotten away from me the last couple of weeks, would help. I got about a third of the way done and I’m still stuck in the same brain.

I need to start writing and painting again. That’s really what will help. Maybe now that my evening routine is back in place, I can get the rest back as well.

At least until Temmy decides to be a toddler again.

Chase on.