Getting things together

I went to paint today and ran into a problem. My tabletop easel was not going to cut the size of painting I wanted to work on, and my big easel needed parts.

So, I went to town, took Merlin with me, and joined up with my son and his girlfriend, Erin, for some shopping. Merlin loves Erin so much and was excited to see them. We went shopping, someone always staying in the car with Merlin, then we went to Jamba, and finally took a walk. A thunderstorm brewed overhead, but it was another dog that made us turn around and head back to the car. I took my son and girlfriend back to their apartment and Merlin and I headed for home. I was barely down the road when the storm began. I was nearly home when I saw Merlin lying down in the back seat where Erin had been sitting and glaring at me. I think he wanted Erin to stay.

When I got home, I had a new easel to put together because I’m not sure the parts are going to work on my other easel. I needed to make sure I had something to work on. I also got in one of the doorway gates I ordered to keep pets out of certain rooms. I had things to put together.

But I did have to ask myself it I was sabotaging myself too find reasons to stay away from painting. Hmmm.

I did also spend a couple hours helping my other son with understanding his work benefits. But still, I could have made it to the easel. It seemed like such work to move over there. I know I’m going to have to set up my palette. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t avoiding it, that I didn’t still have mind weeds bothering me.

But now the easel is together. Maybe tomorrow will be a day to paint. If I can get started before the mind weeds face the sun of my thoughts.

Or maybe they wish to stir a thunderstorm.

I must lean into my discomfort.