Early garden pictures

Ha! I got to eat the huge strawberry on the vine before the squirrels got to it. And you know what? It was delicious.

Yes, so it was a little misshaped, but it was perfect. Yes, that’s Temmy’s nose. She just had to get a good scent on it and didn’t care that I was trying to take pictures.

Here’s a couple other pictures of the my garden coming along.

My first head of broccoli. Still growing, but coming along nicely. It may have to be cut soon because I noticed another head trying to grow out beneath this one. Ack! Two heads!

Okay, bad joke. Although, maybe this broccoli is having critical and creative voice issues and this is how it manifests.

Ok, that was a really bad joke.

Zucchini are developing too.

I wrote 4 pages today, double what I did yesterday. That was groovy. Then yes, I did also paint. I finished 3 new small artworks from start and finished one that I had put aside because I wasn’t quite sure about. I like it much better now.