The gate for my writing office came in today.

I spent part of the evening getting that in place. I have been wanting to get a door, well, a half door really. Something the cats couldn’t jump over, but that would let the daylight from my office windows through. For years, I’ve had a piece of cardboard across the doorway which I slide to the side when I go in.

Classy, huh?

I don’t know why it took me so long to think of a baby gate. Probably because I was so use to the cats jumping over the ones I had. But when I was getting a gate for the back room recently, I realized that I could get different heights.

Wow. Okay, that’s from growing up in a small town where I was lucky to find anything similar to that which I really wanted. Usually, because I was looking for the strange and bizarre, I rarely found what I was looking for. I really don’t know how I lived before Google.

Anyway, this gate is quite tall and should keep Temmy from jumping over unless she decides to get very adventurous. With her, one never knows. Right now, she’s trying to climb my built-in bookcase. She’d made it four shelves up before and has been very close to getting to the fifth shelf. This cat, one eye and all, has very little fear.

I’m certain that there will be challenges to the gate. I am hopeful that she will quickly come to think of it like the kitchen gate, which she has stopped trying to get over or through.

I didn’t realize though that it was an automatic close gate, so when I go through and want to allow the pets to come sit with me (I love my office pets when I’m in there to supervise them), I’ll have to find a way to hold the door open.

But that can come another day.