New story becoming real

The story wouldn’t wait.

I was outside watering the garden and my front yard today (since we have people laying fiber optic (?) cable down the street and I currently have several open holes in my yard so I can’t irrigate. Aren’t we 20 years too late for fiber optic?), when suddenly I had the start of the story I began developing on my Washington trip. My creative voice started tinkering with a starting sentence and I had to go get my phone to write it down.

Now, me being able to pick up my phone and write on it is an amazing thing! Ask me if I ever imagined that I could be outside and writing back when I was working on an old typewriter and I would’ve laughed.

Then, it went and gave itself a title when I went to save it. Damn. It has control. That means it’s going to take over as a viable project. One just never can tell when they are ready to squirm their way out into the world.

I don’t know how long it’s going to be, so maybe it’s just a novella. But I suspect it’s a novel.

It’s fun to have a new story. Even if it does start to take a lot of creative energy. It’s like a new baby.

It’s a boy (character).