Last day of Twin Falls Art in the Park

Today was busier and certainly felt hotter. I’m at home now resting and hydrating.

I had fun meeting new people and talking to other artists (both participating in the show and those coming to look around the park) and talk to them about their processes. It makes me want to get back to it myself.

There was even a little part of me which wanted to write some tonight.

But, I have a plan to get started early. My garden needs a quick run-through. I’d like to get some recording done. Then, some publishing work. Finally, some writing and painting. Yes, it sounds like a full day, but I don’t plan to spend very long at any of them, just get a taste to whet my whistle with the activities. I’m hoping it will help with the reset.

And with the way Temmy is playing and pouncing tonight, I hope I don’t have to do too much cleaning up after her. Oh, yes, she’s been adventure cat tonight and things have gotten broken. Time to go play with her so I can get some sleep tonight since that’s what she’s been doing all day while I was out spending most of the day on my feet.