A little bit of everything

As I said in yesterday’s post, i planned on doing a little bit of writing, publishing, painting, and recording today (as well as some weeding of my garden) in order to assist my reset to get started with my schedule again.

Most of it got done.

I started by doing the weeding while it was cool. I did get started a little later than anticipated, but not too bad. I also spent about an hour and a half outside doing that, mostly because I forgot to start watering a bit earlier than I did.

Once that was done, I realized that my old iPad was probably dead and needed to be charged. Again, I wished I’d put it on to charge while I was outside in the garden, but I didn’t think of it until I came in. Well, that was okay. I went on to the publishing while I waited for the iPad to charge.

The ebook of Four Becomes a Foundation is available starting today. A bunch more stories are coming.

However, by the time I was done with this and had had lunch, I was awfully tired. Merlin and Temmy had issues letting me take a nap so it felt like forever before I got to sleep. And because I didn’t feel like i was ever getting to sleep, I slept for longer than I wanted. It seemed nothing was going to go according to plan.

But, I did get into the sound booth to record a chapter. Then I had dinner, and I finished up with painting.

Now, this is not the painting that I did tonight, but it is one from completely recently. It’s one I varnished up just in time to take to Twin Falls Art in the Park.

4″x4″ acrylic on block canvas © 2022 Dawn Blair

I’m trying a new painting technique tonight. It’ll be interesting to see if it works. I did also consider some very interesting publishing possibilities which would be fun to do in the near future.

Now, the one thing I didn’t get to do was writing any new fiction words. Not sure it will happen since I still have chores to do tonight.

Well, Temmy is trying to crawl onto my desk to let me know it’s time to move on. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I’m hoping to have a full schedule of the title publishing over the next few weeks.