Wrestling rosebushes

I fired up my little chainsaw this morning and started chopping down some of the nuisance trees around my property today.

Since then, it’s been hard to hold my left arm up.

Yeah, it’s a little stressed.

Probably doesn’t help that I did some weed whacking too.

But it does look so much better now.

I did also get pricked with three rosebush thorns. Ow! The first one when my son tried to help me grab a branch; he was wearing gloves (hmmm, some day I might learn). The second was when I trying to push a branch in a direction it didn’t want to go. And the third was this evening when I was give a stern warning to the rosebush that it better not cross me again and it didn’t like my lecture.

Little does it know that I’m going to be ruthless with it come October this year and take it way down. Same with the one in my front yard.

Well, that’s as much typing as my arm can handle tonight. I’m seriously thinking about going to sleep early tonight and get up early tomorrow to write. Hopefully the arm will do better after some rest. It’s been stressed enough for now.