Dinner and a thunderstorm

I cut a brilliant yellow squash from my garden and chopped it up with some zucchini for dinner tonight.

Those slices are about 3 inches wide. I cut the larger ones in half.

I thought about adding in some onion, but didn’t. Merlin loves cooked squash (and baby carrots) and I thought I’d share some of the veggies tonight with him. Therefore, no onions. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll sauté up some onions and add them to mine after separating off some squash for Merlin.

Then I stepped outside tonight to discover a thunderstorm whipping up in the sky. I think I’ll be on the outer edge, but I went around and prepared for some winds anyway. The picture at the top is of the colorful clouds, but here’s another shot I liked.

I just had to take Merlin outside and while we were out, there was a brilliant flash of lightning across the sky. A few seconds later, a tang came on the breeze. Shortly thereafter, the wind came up.

Maybe it’ll be an early bedtime tonight again. It did lead me to getting up early to write.

Peace be with you.