A slice-of-life day

I took a trip to Twin Falls today. It’s been forever since I went grocery shopping for more than just a few things and my empty refrigerator was beginning to show it. I have lots of veggies (from my garden), but running low on other staples. I also had several other errands to run.

I was glad to get home, but I had quite a bit to unload. Merlin helped. He ran back and forth with me. Because he has to be on a leash, his walks provided dexterity exercises for me in carrying things and avoiding a hyper, bouncing terrier. He’s such a happy dog.

After dinner, I got down to some of my bookkeeping. I hadn’t gotten the show from last week entered yet and wanted to get that done.

But, since I let today be a slice of life day, then tomorrow hopefully I can get in more creative fun.